Our print & decoration techniques

We consider each individual customers' needs to offer the most suitable decoration solution. 

We take into account how and when your garments will be worn, the style of your bespoke design and your budget to be able to recommend the most appropriate technique. For example we would offer a different garments to someone on a stag or hen weekend to a workwear order) - for details on the most appropriate solution for you, please call 01934 741 792 

These include...



Intricate and textured designs sewn into the item. Bold colours, professional look and longevity are some of the many qualities. No minimum and up to 16 colours per design. This is an unbeatable service for low quantity jobs and extremely flexible for bulk. Ideal for workwear and small logos.

mozaic transfer


Complex full colour images, logos and photos printed and transferred onto a host of fabrics. The bold and vivid print design offers great durability. Ideal for workwear, team kit and bold designs

transfer printing

Digital Transfer

Complex full colour images, logos and photos printed and transferred onto a host of fabrics as well as ceramics, plastics and metals. The design becomes part of the product for impressive results for any quantity. Creates brilliant technical gear for fitness and leisurewear. - Not suitable for workwear.

vinyl printing

Vinyl & Flock

Bold designs, personalisation and great effects. This technique has improved enormously in recent years and creates great long lasting and durable designs for all types of garment decorating purposes. Ideal for personalised clothing with names or bold designs.

sublimation printing


Heat transferred dye-sublimation sinks deep in to fabrics and accessories. It creates an amazing and vivid look which produces some of the best and most flexible results. Printable items limited to 100% polyester and sublimation ready products only. Ideal for club team sports kit and lots of our gifts use this method. 

screem printing

Screen Printing

The best way to print a large quantity of almost anything. Printing with solid colours achieving many different textures and finishes. Results on almost any garments and accessories.

Direct to garment printing

Direct to Garment 

Ideal for printing any colours onto light and dark cotton garments. Great results printing photographs, intricate designs and shading. What you see on screen is what you get on the garment, with inks & dyes. Invisible to touch.

rbbon printing

Ribbon & Foils

Ideal for decorating and presenting personalised ribbon and sashes. 

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