Leavers Hoodies

Leavers Hoodie Design Option 1.jpg

Style 1 - Premium
From £18.00


Style 2 - Saver
From £17.00

Leavers Hoodie Design Option 3.jpg

Style 3 - Budget
From £16.50

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Choose from three different print styles above for your leavers hoodie, click the find out more button to view the services provided.


Make any changes to these designs, alter the text to suit your needs. Change the font to suit your style. 

Also add details such as names, group names, initials, or phrases!

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hoodie FAQ

Get what you want... you can...

  • Choose one colour/style as a group

  • Choose a limited selection of colours

  • Choose any colours of one style

  • Individually choose colour and style

  • Not just hoodies. 


  • Choose from our templates

  • Inspire something new

  • Supply your own artwork

  • Add extra prints

  • Add personalisation


  • Order as a group

  • Order individually

  • Pay as a group

  • Pay individually

Order & Payment

  • To school 

  • To home addresses